New World Record Yearly Production for Qafco 4

Qafco 4 Urea Plant has realised in 2011 a new World Record of Yearly Urea Production of 1.284.757 metric tonnes (MT) with only 43 hours total shut down. The old record was held by the Profertil Urea Plant in Argentina, which produced 1.280.718 MT in 2006. Qafco 4 started production in 2004 and is based on Stamicarbon’s PoolCondenser Technology together with Uhde Fertilizer Fluid Bed Granulation.  
With a sizable annual production capacity of two million MT of ammonia and three million MT of urea from four Ammonia and four Urea plants, QAFCO is now the world’s largest single-site producer of urea. The QAFCO-5 expansion project, which will be completed in late 2011, will raise QAFCO’s annual production capacity to 3.8 million MT of ammonia and 4.3 million MT of urea and will make QAFCO the world’s largest single-site producer of both ammonia and urea. The QAFCO-6 project which is expected to be taken over by QAFCO in 2012 will increase the Company’s annual production capacity of urea to 5.6 million MT. 
We congratulate Qafco 4 with this excellent achievement.
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