Need support for your new Grass Root Urea Plant or Revamp Project ? has the know how and experience to support you with your new Grass Root Urea Plant or Urea Revamp Project. can support you in a wide range of services and activities during the complete project lifetime. can provide amongst others the following services:

* Conceptual Studies to compare the technologies

* Preparation of Invitation To Bid (ITB)

* BID Evaluation

* Technical, Commercial and Legal Advise during contract discussions with Licensor, Contractor and Vendors

* Licensor and Contractor Guidance & Control

* Review of engineering

* Expediting Services of critical equipment such as HP Equipment, HP Piping, critical instruments, prilling machine etc. to assure the quality and timely delivery including Final Inspection.

* Advise in Operational and Maintenance aspects

* Training Services

* Supervision of construction activities, P&ID check, review of installation activities

* Assistance during commissioning and start up

* Assistance during performance test

* Troubleshooting

* Etcetera

Report Reference Yara Canada

Report Reference Shaanxi China

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