NA 2011 Tersmeden SMT High Performance SS for longer Service Life in NA plants

In Nitric acid plants, steel type AISI 304L performs well in contact with 65% acid upto about 100°C, but at higher temperatures a more corrosion resistant alloy should be applied. This paper provides an update on the use of Sandvik stainless steel grade 2RE10, including an overview of corrosion properties and welding aspects. For nitric acid production process today, Sandvik 2RE10 has shown to be the best performing stainless steel in medium nitric acid concentrations (around 65%). By selecting a higher alloyed steel grade, corrosion problems can be avoided many years giving economical advantages in a longer perspective. Sandvik 2RE10 is specially suitable for cooler/ condenser and tail gas preheaters. Tubes of 304L can be replaced with new material retaining the same tubesheet.


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