MAN Energy Solutions To Supply Compressor Trains for Air Products Air-separation Unit as Part Of New Plant for Production of Blue Ammonia and Hydrogen

MAN Energy Solutions to supply compressor trains for Air Products’ air-separation unit as part of new plant for production of blue ammonia and hydrogen.

Air Products and Chemical, Inc., a global leader in industrial gases and clean-energy solutions, has awarded MAN Energy Solutions an order for six air-compressor trains for use in an air-separation unit in its Clean Energy Complex in Darrow, Louisiana (USA).

The complex will produce more than 750 million standard cubic feet of blue hydrogen daily for Air Products’ customers, which will be transported along a 700+ miles pipeline on the U.S. Gulf Coast, as well as blue ammonia for global hydrogen markets such as the transportation and mobility sectors. The facility will also capture and permanently store about 95% of its CO2 emissions – over 5 million tons per year – equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions from more than 1 million passenger cars.

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