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MAN Energy Solutions

MAN Energy Solutions

MAN Energy Solutions offers compressors, turbines and expanders for a broad variety of industrial applications – from single machines to large multi-casing trains. The company employs around 14,000 people spread around the globe in over 150 countries. The company head office is located in Augsburg, Germany. MAN Energy Solutions is a corporate entity within the Power Engineering Business Area of MAN SE, one of the 30 leading German companies quoted on the DAX Share Index.

Strategic Business Unit Turbomachinery:

The Strategic Business Unit Turbomachinery product range consolidates a broad range of gas compressors, expanders, gas and steam turbines for most industrial applications. The company provides users with a wide selection of products and services; ranging from single casing compressors to large, multi-casing trains, including various types of turbine and electric drives. Full train responsibility is a major corporate strength, together with high product efficiency and reliability over the complete life cycle. Based upon the tradition, focusing on innovative research and development, MAN Energy Solutions continues to fulfil our customer’s most demanding needs. Following installation, our products are backed-up by comprehensive and proactive local service support throughout the world.

We understand your business

MAN Energy Solutions has installed 135 custom turbomachinery trains in 65 ammonia and urea plants worldwide. The solutions we bring to you are the result of a continuous cycle of research, development and optimization over thousands of process compressors and turbine casings delivered worldwide since 1904.

One source

When everything has to work flawlessly all the time, there is no room for surprises. The components of our full train solutions are designed to match perfectly, all built to the same exacting standards to guarantee lasting, reliable operation with maximum uptime.

A machine for every process

We supply the full-line turbomachinery portfolio you need to produce your product at the lowest possible cost, safely and reliably.

  • Single and multi-shaft integrally geared air compressors
  • Single and multi-shaft integrally geared natural gas compressors
  • Ammonia compressors
  • Synthesis gas compressors
  • CO2 compressors
  • Steam turbines

MAN gas turbines
Solutions for efficient and clean Power & Heat for energy-intensive industries. Click here for more info

World class service

You need all of your equipment running at maximum efficiency levels at all times. That is the sole focus of MAN PrimeServ, our service organization. We will beat your side with training, parts and personnel 24/7.

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Advanced Integrally Geared CO2 Compressor

Efficiency is more important than ever. A lower power consumption means less pollution of the environment and makes your product more competitive at the same time. MDT´s advanced CO2 compressor design is well proven and can reduce the power consumption by 10 -15%.

Typical design

  • Eight stages on four pinion shafts
  • Direct drive by steam turbine or by electric motor
  • Process control by speed variation or inlet guide vanes
  • Carbon ring seals
  • All materials in contact with CO2 made of stainless steel – no plating or stainless steel welding
  • Five intercoolers
  • Superior efficiency in comparison to single shaft compressors thanks to optimum speed selection for all stages
  • Compact design with a small footprint
  • Long time experience with 100% wet CO2
  • CORA research rig for CO2 compression (pressures up to 250 bara)

MAN Energy Solutions
Mr. Markus Schürmann
Steinbrinkstrasse 1
46145 Oberhausen, Germany
P: +49 208 692-3042
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