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Application-based safety valves for urea plants

The synthesis section of a urea plant is core to produce Urea. The safety valves applied in this section must be resistant to the high corrosiveness and the tendency to crystallisation of the carbamate to be processed.


The LESER Urea synthesis safety valve sets in at these key requirements for the synthesis process. The selection of the materials is exactly optimized for the critical application and guarantees the corrosion resistance. The unique continuous steam purging (LESER Flush) design prevents the condensation and crystallisation of the carbamate during normal operation and during blow-off conditions. The steam requirement and thereby the operating costs are much less than with other alternatives.


100% focused on safety valves

With more than 1,050 employees and 130,000 safety valves produced per year, LESER is the largest manufacturer of safety valves in Europe and one of the leading companies in its industry worldwide.


LESER offers spring loaded and pilot operated safety valves for all industrial applications according to the Pressure Equipment Directive and ASME XIII. Major companies in the chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, energy, technical gases, LNG/LPG, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, shipbuilding and heating and air conditioning industries use LESER safety valves.


LESER safety valves are developed for the international market in Hamburg and manufactured in the modern plant in Hohenwestedt/Germany. In addition, LESER produces safety valves to the same standards in India and China for the local markets. Nine subsidiaries and offices in Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia as well as authorized contacts in over 80 countries guarantee competent customer advice and fast, reliable deliveries.


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