LESER – The Company – Safety, proven a million times

Precise custom configurations for nearly any application along with short delivery times make a world of difference – at all LESER manufacturing sites.

“LESER Safety Valves safeguard plants and processes from overpressure incidents. The basis is the LESER product range with nine product groups, 40 types, 1,500 options and over 2,000,000 possible configurations,” as one reads in the corporate brochure “LESER The Company”.

Around 80 percent of available configurations come with a global delivery time promise.

How is this achieved? The LESER delivery time promise is a consistently short delivery time for each product group, against which we are measured. This is achieved through parts availability, process structures, a wide range of variants and production that is designed to meet the requirements. LESER’s three global manufacturing sites serve markets around the world. Each of these sites has a specific purpose.

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