Launch of a New Generation Prilling Machine

Kreber has received the order for a new generation innovative prilling machine developed in cooperation with Stamicarbon. The prilling machine is designed for the nameplate capacity of 3850 MTPD of prilled urea and will be manufactured at the facilities of Kreber in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands. The unit will be installed in a state-of-the-art large-scale grassroot plant for prilled urea in India, designed by Stamicarbon, scheduled to start up in 2024.

The new prilling machine is designed to apply a single prilling bucket for large-capacity urea plants, facilitating large-scale production with an efficient approach to prilling, suitable for urea and other fertilizer grades. The prilling machine will upgrade the original prilling tower design, embedding more than a century of prilling knowledge from both Kreber and Stamicarbon to enable efficient production of large-diameter urea prills with a uniform particle size distribution. It is suitable for natural and forced draft prilling towers and can be retrofitted in existing plants to improve product quality.

In addition, the prilling machine can be used in a wide operating range and helps reduce particulate matter emissions from prilling towers. Especially in combination with the Jet Venturi™ scrubbing technology, it provides the basis of the next-generation prilling tower design to produce high-quality large-diameter urea prills with a substantial reduction of particulate matter emissions, ammonia emissions and opacity.

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