La Meccanica Padana for short delivery times for urea grade materials

Established since 1954 in the North of Italy as a family-owned company, La Meccanica Padana is a manufacturer of stainless steel forged pieces and delivers its products all over the world.
Approved by Saipem since the eighties, La Meccanica Padana has gradually developed a complete range of products in urea grade materials – 316L MODIFIED and 25.22.2/310MoLN. Nowadays the production includes standard items as well as particular pieces according to any specification of the customer.

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience of dealing with urea grade materials, La Meccanica Padana is well aware of the tight requirements of quality, time and budget implied by urea grade stainless steels. And often it is not easy to find suppliers able to comply with all these requirements.
We understand that customer expectation for maintenance is to get short delivery times, but often it is difficult to reach it because of time requirements of forging, corrosion test etc.
Therefore we have developed and are expanding a stock of raw material and semi-finished products, with corrosion tests already done. This means that we will be able to propose short delivery times for maintenance emergencies.
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