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IPCO are specialists in the field of urea forming pastillation technology with the Rotoform® process represents an ideal solution for the solidification of molten urea and other fertilizers.

The high flexibility of the Rotoform® system allows the production of standard fertilizer urea as well as fertilizer specialties by mixing additives like ammonium sulphate, potassium chloride, zinc oxide, sulphur or others. The same equipment can be used to produce urea of a high purity for technical or pharmaceutical purposes.

Among the inherent benefits of the Rotoform® process that make it particularly suitable for urea pastillation are its:

  • low energy consumption
  • high level of environmental friendliness – no air cooling necessary and no air treatment requirement
  • very high crushing strength, very regular shape of pellets
  • low investment and operational costs

IPCO Rotoform units can easily be installed in existing urea plants to enable:

  • increased capacity / de-bottlenecking of fertilizer plants
  • production of urea specialties
  • enhanced solidification process for reduced environmental impact

Mr. Steven Sutanto,
Global Product Manager – Fertilizers
IPCO Germany

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M +49 162 2667 514

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