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Rotoform pastillation

Our Rotoform system is a fast, efficient and clean method of converting fertilizer melts into uniform pastilles in a single step. In addition, the Rotoform technology provides an ideal solution for fertilizer producers looking to de-bottleneck or revamp existing process facilities or reduce overall emissions.

A key benefit of the Rotoform process is the ability to produce pastilles with a high crushing strength without the addition of formaldehyde. As a result, the process enables efficient and economical production of technical grade urea for applications including animal feed, pharmaceutical products and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to lower NOx concentration, commonly referred to as AdBlue.


Upstream mixing solutions

In addition to our Rotoform solidification technology, we supply a range of upstream solutions including blending and grinding units. These can be used to combine liquid and solid products into suspensions, enabling the production of speciality urea products such as:

  • Sulphur + Urea
  • Urea ammonium sulphate (UAS)
  • Potassium + Urea
  • Urea blended with micro-nutrients

Other special fertilizers that can be produced on these systems include ammonium nitrate and additives, and sulphur bentonite.


Turnkey installations

Due to the wealth of experience and engineering know-how that exists across IPCO, we can deliver complete turnkey installations including control systems, information technologies and electrical services.

This integrated design capability also covers:

  • Mixing / grinding lines
  • Dosing / measuring equipment
  • Heated tanks and pipework
  • Pumps, chillers and cooling towers
  • Elevators / conveyors
  • Storage silos
  • Bag filling systems

We can therefore provide complete end-to-end systems for the mixing, solidification and downstream handling of a wide range of products. These include fertilizer urea, technical grade urea and speciality urea products such as UAS.

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IPCO Germany

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