Interview in Stainless Steel World


Stainless Steel World, a brand of KCI Publishing, distributing a monthly magazine with more than 7000 subscriptions worldwide has interviewed Mark Brouwer of The interview is published in the July/August 2009 (vol 21) edition and covers the challenges and technological developments in the urea industry.

Recently Stainless Steel World and have partnered up together. Part of this partnership is that will be responsible for the content of the Urea Technology box on the website of Stainess Steel World.  Please have a look at:

The Stainless Steel World website contains a wide range of interesting information regarding stainless steels amongst others technical and metallurgical knowhow but also valuable project information. Other famous brands of KCI Publishing are Valve World and Pump Engineer.

Please find the complete interview via: Interview Stainless Steel World.pdf

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