International Fertiliser Society (IFS) complimentary offers two classic Proceedings available to all Members

Although there continues to be significant innovation in the urea manufacturing process, much of the fundamental chemistry and processes involved were identified many years ago. Whilst still relevant and valuable today, much of the detail of this learning has been ‘lost’ – left to ‘gather dust’ in libraries. One such excellent repository of historic, as well as current, technical information is the Proceedings archive of the International Fertiliser Society (IFS). This contains nearly 880 technical papers, stretching back to 1947 and covering many aspects of fertiliser production and crop nutrition. This includes several papers that relate specifically or partly to the production of urea.

As a service to members, we have agreed with the IFS that we can make pdf copies of two of these classic Proceedings available to you, for free. This is a service that is normally only available to Members of the IFS.

These two Proceedings are:

131 – Some Fundamental Aspects of Urea Technology (1972), by Ir S M Lemkowitz, Ir M G R T de Cooker and Prof. Drs P J van den Berg, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, University of Delft, Netherlands. 115 pages, 56 figures, 9 tables, 148 references.

166 – Urea Stripping Process – Stripping Technology, Phase Equilibria and Thermodynamics (1977), by P J C Kaasenbrood and Dr H A G Chermin, UKF, Fertilizer Research and Development, Netherlands. 48 pages, 15 figures, 15 references

We recommend these two papers as providing an excellent explanation of these two important areas. We also suggest that you check out the range of IFS Proceedings, to see what other topics will be of interest and value.

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