In Memoriam Jan van der Werf

Jan van der Werf died peacefully Monday morning November 30, 2020 at an age of 76 in his hometown Sittard-Geleen.

With a career of 55 years at Stamicarbon, Jan was enjoying his work with whole his heart. Jan did know where he was talking about, he knew what was urea as he was involved in numerous commissioning and start-up projects. Jan started up one of the first CO2 stripping plants under difficult circumstances in the former DDR, the first PoolCondenser plant in Bangladesh and left his footprint in many other countries like North Korea, Thailand, Romania, USSR, Japan, USA, Myanmar, China, Mexico and Alaska. Jan also worked at several high level management positions in Stamicarbon, always pushing forward innovations and breakthroughs in our industry; amongst many others Safurex® and Full Life Cycle support.

Everywhere we came, people asked how Jan was doing. Jan was open, friendly, flexible and always in a good mood, Jan was really a great manager and colleague, with both feet on the ground, one between his colleagues, his door was always open, Jan was always striving for cooperation and teambuilding. We and we believe many other colleagues owe Jan a lot. Jan was always in to discuss technical issues, strategical topics and life in general, preferably with a pint of beer.

Jan, we will miss you.

We send condolences to Wilma, Guido and Petra and the entire van der Werf family.

Jo Eijkenboom
Mark Brouwer
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