IFS Proceeding collections of fertilizer production

The International Fertilizer Society (https://fertiliser-society.org/) has collated a number of themes collections of Proceedings on to USB cards. UreaKnowHow.com has reviewed the ones of Ammonia, Nitric Acid and Ammonium Nitrate. First of all we are very pleased by the high quality level of each Proceeding, which start already in the 1950’s….

Each Proceeding is an elaborate and detailed high quality document describing an important topic in that industry. For example “Ammonia Storage Inspection”, “Safety Issues in Ammonia Handling and Distribution”, “Nitric Acid and Fertiliser Plants – Solutions to Various Engineering  Problems” and “Phase Stabilisation of Ammonium Nitrate Fertilisers”. The Ammonia USB stick contains 39 Proceedings, the NA USB stick 24 Proceedings and the AN USB stick 35 Proceedings. Together these Proceedings form a very valuable set of key documents to understand and learn the industry and we can only highly recommend to order these USB sticks yourself. Click here for more information




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