How to simulate ammonia releases? Ask GEXCON

Ammonia is widely used in the chemical industry especially as a refrigerant in mechanical compression systems at a large number of industrial facilities. Other uses of ammonia are as a fertilizer, as a precursor to nitrogenous compounds, as a cleaner, for the fermentation industry, etc.

Ammonia is a toxic gas under ambient conditions. However, many parts of a refrigeration system contain ammonia liquefied under pressure or refrigerated below its normal boiling temperature.

Releases of ammonia can have potentially harmful effects on workers and the public. If ammonia is under pressure, the risk of exposure increases since larger quantities of the refrigerant has the potential for rapid release into the air.

That is the reason why the simulation of the consequence effects of ammonia releases is so important. This way safety professionals can assess beforehand the potential hazards of an accidental release so that appropriate mitigation and prevention measures can be implemented.

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