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Hofung Technology

Solution provider since 2009

Hofung Technology specializes in marketing and sales of technology and equipment for the chemical, petrochemical, power and energy industries. We have been operating in China since 1992.

By successfully combining western management and local know-how, we have become the strategic partner for many well-known multinational companies, both Chinese and foreign.

We assist our foreign partners in developing the Chinese market for their products and services, and at the same time introduce to our Chinese clients state of the art equipment and technology.

With our extensive network of sales people and sub-agents, we can confidently say that we cover all major clients and markets in China.

Building on its experience and thorough understanding of local business practices, Hofung Technology has in its field built a leading position in the transfer of technology to China.

And as China’s development continues, Hofung Technology is focusing more and more on export of local technology and equipment to foreign markets.


Hofung Technology
Botai International Center, Bld. B, 16th Fl.
122 Nanhu dongyuan, Chaoyang District
100102 Beijing, China

T: +86 10 8471 1038
F: +86 10 8472 3149

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