HOFUNG Technology and UreaKnowHow.com issue ANNA Market Report China 2016

Recently the China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association (CNFIA) organized the “2016 Nitric Acid and Ammonium Nitrate Industry Conference” in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province in the People’s Republic of China during Aug 31 ~ Sep 1, 2016. After several years with healthy growth figures in both the nitric acid as well as the ammonium nitrate industry, the recent years show overproduction and plant closures…

 The main demands for ammonium nitrate are the commercial explosive industry and the agricultural industry. The development of integration of water and fertilizer will promote the demand for the nitrate nitrogen, which will lead to new development opportunity of the ammonium nitrate and its down-stream products. The Chinese producers should treat the situation actively and speed up the transformation development, including 1) re-adjusting the product structure, 2) innovative the marketing model, 3) strengthening industry self-discipline and avoiding cut-throat competition in price, and 4) strengthening the international trade and international market development.

This report is prepared together with HOFUNG Technology (www.hofung-technology.com): UreaKnowHow.com’s business partner in China. Contact us via info@ureaknowhow.com for more information.

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