Hofung Engineering Opening Ceremony held in Tianjin

The official opening ceremony of Hofung Engineering Company was successfully held in the Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Park in Tianjin city, where the company is located, on January 6 of 2012. The ceremony was attended by staff, management and board members of the new company, as well as a number of high officials including the Ambassador of the Netherlands to China, Mr. Rudolf Bekink, and Director of the Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Mr. Ni Xiangyu and the Deputy Director of the Industrial Park, Mr. Sun Dahai.

Both Ambassador Bekink and Director Ni gave speeches during the ceremony, highlighting the achievements of Hofung Engineering’s parent companies and the bright future it will have operating from the modern surroundings of the modern Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Park.

Hofung Engineering is a joint venture between Hofung Technology and Fenghan Engineering Company. As an engineering company, the company will be mainly engaged in design related to sulphur recovery, urea granulation technologies and seawater desalination, as well as research and development of new technologies, EPC project management and engineering consultation. The company’’s target is to become a leader in its field within three years.

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