Jiangxi XinLianXin Chemicals Industrial Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Henan XinLianXin Chemical Group Co. Ltd., selected Casale’s synthesis technology and converters for a new 2700 mtpd ammonia plant in China

For what will become the largest coal-based plant ever made in China and one of the world’s greatest with this feedstock, Casale is excited and proud to start this new adventure and to supply the license, engineering, Axial-Radial® ammonia converter cartridge and shift converter internals.

Casale has significantly contributed to the growth of the fertilizer sector over the last 40 years, becoming the most successful foreign licensor in China in the ammonia field:

· 4th project in a row with XinLianXin
· 74th project in China since 2004
· +110 references in China

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