Grupa Azoty Police, Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation and West Pomeranian University of Technology have signed agreement to develop 4th Generation MMR research reactor in Police

Grupa Azoty Police, the US-based Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC) and the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin have signed an agreement to develop and construct a nuclear energy research facility based on Ultra Safe Nuclear’s Micro-Modular™ Reactor (MMR®) technology. Over the next six months, the parties will prepare a comprehensive research programme and will jointly develop a plan for the construction, operation and maintenance of the MMR.

The first stage of the collaborative project will consist in the construction of a 30MWt MMR to serve as a training, research and test facility. It will be connected to the existing energy infrastructure of Grupa Azoty Police, providing a unique opportunity to study, test, optimise and integrate the MMR as a zero-carbon generation source into an industrial plant. The collaboration will ultimately lead to the development of a plan for full-scale use of nuclear energy to power chemical processes and to generate steam and hydrogen at Grupa Azoty Police’s plant. This will represent another major step towards decarbonisation of the Grupa Azoty Group’s industrial processes.

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