Gro’s Global Fertilizer Impact Monitor: Updated Scenarios Project Larger Cuts in 2022 Global Nitrogen Fertilizer Use

Fertilizer shortages brought on by high prices and tight supplies are continuing to threaten global agricultural production.

Gro Intelligence’s Global Fertilizer Impact Monitor, launched earlier this year, is the first tool to help quantify the potential impact on global production of major crops from reduced applications of nitrogen fertilizer under different scenarios in a fully transparent way.

Now Gro has incorporated the latest scenarios from November 2022 from our partners — the International Fertilizer Association (IFA), an association which represents providers of plant nutrition solutions, and CRU Group (CRU), a leading independent authority on fertilizer.

The Monitor, which Gro built with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is free for anyone to use and can be found here.

Overall, the updates from IFA and CRU project that the global fertilizer crisis resulted in even lower rates of nitrogen fertilization applications worldwide in 2022 than was previously estimated.

Latest Updates: What Does the Data Tell Us? …

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