Green Energy for All!

Description: The transition to sustainable energy means much more than building more wind turbines and solar panels. An overhaul of the entire energy system is needed. The gap between supply and demand for sustainable energy is too large. In cities and industrial areas, where sustainable energy is most needed, there is a severe lack of space. And the deserts and oceans, where there is an abundance of sun and wind, are far away. This book shows how to solve these storage and transport problems in smart ways with hydrogen and electricity. In addition, we argue for a broader view of energy systems as part of an integrated, global system for supplying energy, materials, water and food. Let’s move ahead to green energy for all!

Review Mark Brouwer of This book provides a great overview of the energy transition ranging from small scale level (living house) up to world scale level. It shows the amazing opportunities ahead for undeveloped regions like deserts and oceans. And is contains very insightful information by providing mass and energy balances for various scenarios! A must read for all interested and involved in the energy transition!!

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