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Graham Corporation is a global business that designs, manufactures, and sells critical equipment for the energy, defense and chemical/petrochemical industries. Energy markets include oil refining, cogeneration, and alternative power. For the defense industry, our equipment is used in nuclear propulsion power systems for the U.S. Navy. For the chemical and petrochemical industries, our equipment is used in fertilizer, ethylene, methanol and downstream chemical facilities.

Our global brand is built upon world-renowned engineering expertise in vacuum and heat transfer technology, responsive and flexible service, and high quality standards. We design and manufacture custom-engineered ejectors, vacuum pumping systems, surface condensers and vacuum systems. Our equipment can also be found in other diverse applications, such as hydrogen fueling systems, compressed natural gas distribution or fueling systems, metal refining, pulp and paper processing, water heating, refrigeration, desalination, food processing, pharmaceutical, and heating ventilating and air conditioning.

Our reach spans the globe and our equipment is installed in facilities from North and South America to Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


Contact person:
Chris Przybysz
Engineering Supervisor
20 Florence Avenue, Batavia 14020, USA

T: 001 585 343 2216, ext 286
F: 001 585 343 1097

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