Graham Vac-Ademics Vacuum Technology Seminars


Two Day Seminar on the Essentials of Applying Vacuum Technology. Presented by industry experts, this seminar is designed to help you make technically and economically sound decisions when specifying, selecting. operating and troubleshooting vacuum systems.
In a classroom environment, participants learn how changes in utilities or process conditions affect vacuum system performance. Participants then experience actual equipment behavior while working with these systems during their operation. Key equipment is fabricated from glass, providing an ideal opportunity to witness the results when operating conditions change. Each seminar is designed to strengthen the technical knowledge of a wide range of professionals, including Chemical Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Process Engineers and Project Engineers. “I really enjoyed having operating vacuum systems set up with problems that we could attempt to troubleshoot on our own.”
Next Sessions are: April 11-12, 2011, June 20-21, 2011 and September 19-20, 2011.

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