Giacomo Fauser (1892 – 1971)

Giacomo Fauser was born in Novara on 11 January 1892. After classical studies, typical of that time, Giacomo Fauser enrolled at Milan Polytechnic and graduated in mechanical engineering on 23 December 1918, after the stagnation caused by the Great War. At that time the mechanical engineering studies contemplated also the design, construction and operation of chemical plants and these are the areas in which they would be distinguished Fauser. He started working very young and did the first experiments in the family foundry, realizing a electrolytic cell of water that would provide economic oxygen for autogenous welding. He developed the industrial production of ammonia by the process came to be known with the name “Fauser-Montecatini”. Giacomo Fauser subsequently devised, in addition to that for ammonia, also to the processes for production of nitric acid (1923), ammonium sulphate (1927), ammonium nitrate (1931) and urea (1935). From those years, thanks to the results achieved, the company began to circulate the saying “Montecatini is Fauser and Fauser is Montecatini”.

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