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Green Granulation

Solution provider since 2009

Green Granulation is a world leading provider of fertilizer related process technologies, offering urea granulation and other fertilizer-related technologies. It is also the owner and developer of the state-of-the-art Cold Recycle Fluid-Bed Urea Granulation Technology (CRG) process. The patented CRG process was first successfully applied in a plant in China in 2013.

The Cold Recycle Granulation process is modernizing the Urea Granulation world; offering energy saving, low investment costs and high product quality by using a ground shaking new layout and revolutionary production process.

Characteristics and advantages of the Cold Recycle Granulation process

Low energy consumption thanks to:

  • reduced product layer thickness resulting in less heating of the fluidization air fan and consequently reduced amount of needed air
  • hydraulic urea sprayers use reduced amount of atomization air at reduced pressure
  • low pressure drop scrubbers reduce the power consumption of the exhaust air fan(s)
  • reduced amount of recovered urea dust combined with lower water content of the urea solution, typically 55% due to low atomization air and higher granulator scrubber temperature

Low investment thanks to:

  • low building height, typically 27m total height
  • low requested building strength, highest load bearing floor is at the granulator bottom at 17m, vibrating screens are located below the granulator
  • reduced granulator and cooler strength because of low fluidization air fan pressure and low scrubber exhaust fan suction pressure
  • bucket elevator capacity is only 30% of standard, lifts only fines and crushed product
  • reduced air ducting, air enters the scrubbers from the top and leaves the scrubbers from the side

Improved product quality thanks to:

  • low product moisture due to the combination of the Green Granulation hydraulic sprayers / sprayer layout
  • low end product dustiness due to slow cooling and highly improved product polishing in the cooler

In case of technical and commercial inquiries for your projects or to get our specialist advice, you can contact Green Granulation in the following ways:

For inquiries in English language:
send an email to, or call +31 486 34 60 37

For inquiries in Chinese language:
send an email to, or call +86 10 8471 8616


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