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Solution provider since 2013

Geroldinger – Proven bulk storage solution for specialty fertilizers and melamine a.o. (technical) urea, ammonium-sulphate, nitrates, phosphates, etc

Since 1972, Geroldinger has successfully proven that storage in a silo of technical urea, ammonium-sulphate, nitrates, phosphates etc is very well possible, reliable and efficient.

A unique product for producers and processors of bulk materials.

On the basis of Geroldingers experience with hundreds of plants and facilities the company developed a unique product for producers and processors of bulk materials – the Bulk Solids Logistics Plant. A one stop plant that buffers and conveys bulk solids in exact quantities at the right speed to wherever they need to go.

Entire Know-How in the handling of UREA.

Particularly in the field of UREA Geroldinger has years of experience and worldwide references. Until recently, the storage of UREA in silos of big size up to 1.000m3 was considered as impossible, as the material forms very hard crusts, wall-adhesions and solid blocks measuring up to 1m3 due to the high hygroscopicity.

Geroldingers MULTIGON silo technology with rectangular cross section offers special flow profiles and optimum insulating properties. In combination with the unique OSZILLOMAT discharge and metering system it ensures complete and no-residue discharge.

Geroldingers logistic plants exploiting all the benefits of self-enclosed systems. By guaranteeing delivery of UREA at the right speed and the right quantities, offering excellent customer investment security.

Best practice by Geroldinger

Rene Brückl MSc
Vertriebsleiter / Head of Sales
Au-Straße 9, 4771
Sigharting, Austria
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