GE Oil & Gas Technology Drives Efficiency Upgrade at KRIBHCO Fertilizer Plant


GE Oil & Gas will apply advanced compressor technology in an upgrade project to increase the productivity of Krishak Bharati Cooperative Limited’s (KRIBHCO) urea, ammonia and bio-fertilizer manufacturing facility at Hazira in the state of Gujarat, India.
Under the terms of the agreement GE will supply nine compressor upgrade packages to be installed across the plants three existing CO2 trains.
GE will utilize its latest impeller designs to upgrade the CO2 compressors, enabling them to pump 45% more flow without changing the steam turbine drivers. Each unit will absorb approximately seven megawatts with an average efficiency of 75%, the highest efficiency rate in the industry for a CO2 compressor application. In addition, the impellers will be manufactured with advanced materials to meet the challenging requirements of sour gas (humid CO2) applications.
GE will upgrade the compressor packages without changing the balance-of-plant or the original compressor footprints. The contract, which is scheduled for completion in the first half of 2011, also includes the supply of anti-surge valves and spare rotors.
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