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      Dear friend
      In addition to the comments mentioned by friends:
      please be inform that during granulation washing time. the circulated urea solution must be diluted with injection of steam condensate and bring the concentration near 75%. Second action is reducing the load of plant during granulation washing time when the activity take a long time.
      with best regard
      Ammoniaurea.ir web site founder

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        Urea cristalization has a direct link with solution concentrtion and its temperature. Normally, when washing activity is performed the vaccum is break / pull down to decrease urea solution concentration espectially the 2nd stage of vacuum. If the same is practiced then the issue may be due to non effectivess of steam coil in the tank owing to large area of the tank and you may need some external mixer like steam ejector system or install additional steam coil in upper portion of the tank.

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          The Steam Jet Mixture (Ejector Type) is the device for mixing the solution at the time of Granulation cleaning job it can be taken in line whenever you required. The steam coil always in line but steam jet ejector can be taken in line whenever you required.

          For more details refer to following link:


          Note UreaKnowHow.com:
          Always perform a proper HAZOP as part of your Management of Change procedure. Here the introduction of steam on the possible pressure increase in the tank under all circumstances needs careful consideration

          Prem Baboo

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            High Pablo,
            What do you mean by using ejector in heating urea solution in the urea tank I don’t understand that


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              You can provide steam heating through Ejector , following advantage of ejector. The ejector must be 1.0 meter above from pump suction.The ejector line may be 4” line.The concentration and temperature can be maintained through ejector steam.
              1. Proper homogeneous heating through steam
              2. Proper Heat and mass transfer.


              Prem Baboo

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                Dear Experts,

                Appreciate your opinion on this matter. :D

                Sharing the information, our Urea Solution Storage Tank (US Tank) size is huge, which is around 2,660 m3. Inside of the US Tank, there’s 2 steam coil which is used to maintain temperature above urea crystallization point. However, at times we still experiencing crystallization & lump formation inside of US Tank. This is mainly due to high urea concentration transferred during Granulation washing / wet cleaning (Urea Synthesis maintain at 100% load during Granulation plant washing)

                Therefore, I would like to know what is experience of others?
                What concentration of Urea solution send to US Tank during Granulation Wet Cleaning? Also, do you have any agitator or eductor for better mixing in tank?

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