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      In addition to what Mr. Mohammadian mentioned, I would also suggest adding the following:
      – Losing stripper level due to wrong level indication (Possible during X-Ray nearby)
      – Leak of Evaporater tubes
      – Sudden and significant reduction in temp. of liquid Ammonia feed (in case of failure of storage tank heater)

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        Dear Nick,
        Some possible scenarios:
        – Tube rupture in HP stripper
        – Poor liquid distribution in Stripper’s liquid dividers and effect on stripper efficiency
        – Crystallization in low pressure carbamate condenser
        – Carry over from reactor to HP scrubber
        – Carry over form rectifier to LPCC
        – Oil in synthesis section
        – Scrubber rupture disk blown and effect on scrubber delta T
        – Loosing reactor level and down comer seal or down comer isn’t sealed during start up
        – Back flow from synthesis to ammonia pumping

        Kind Regards

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          Dear all,

          We are expanding our plant to include M.P. section and 4 bar Absorber. We are also getting a custom simulator for our plant that includes these upgrades. The company designing our simulator will custom build several scenarios into the simulator for us. Any ideas for some good custom urea simulator scenarios?
          For example: tube leak in high pressure scrubber.

          Stamicarbon Urea Plant
          2000 tpd Synthesis
          1200 tpd prilling
          400 tpd DEF
          400 tpd solutions
          CO2 stripper, reactor, after reactor, high pressure carbamate condenser, high pressure scrubber, 4 bar absorber, M.P. section, L.P. recirculation section, crystal section, prilling, DEF section, solutions section

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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