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      Dear Friends,
      Apart from above I want to share my experience about Ammonia feed pump, During the capacity enhancement project in 2012 ,we had procured a five plunger ammonia feed pump from M/S.Peroni(Italy).originally seal flushing water was provided with cooled steam condensate.The pump packing was damaged many times, in between plunger recoated with Chromium carbide but run for 10 days and packing damaged again, finally The M/S Peroni given a solution the seal flushing water changed in 2013 with DM water along with pump having disch pressure 12 kg/cm2(as shown in the attached fig). The pump running normally and plunger packing having no problem till date.The problem was Steam condensate contaminated.However the big pump of M/S Uraca are still running on same steam condensate.

      Thanks and regards,
      Prem Baboo
      National Fertilizers Ltd, Vijaipur, India

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        Dear Friends
        I hope you are doing well. I agree with Mr syedsalman  and Mr Motammedi that the discharge pressure can not be under control if the BFW is used and also the pump internal will be damage. Because of this reason , during water run of the plant in the first start up activities that called water run, ammonia pump must be bypassed and water must be injected to synthesis by carbamate pump via the ammonia pump discharge’s line.
        With best regard
        KHPC, IRAN

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          Dear Mr. Meysam Samiei,
          Purpose of testing HP NH3 pump with BFW is not understandable. As already stated pressure may exceed MAWP (Maximum Allowable Working Pressure) which can affect the pump in following ways
          1- It can affect the sealing system including gland packing which can result in excessive leakage when pump is operated back on NH3 service.
          2- It can affect the internal setting of manifold valves provided on each plunger.
          3- It can affect shaft couplings, gears & pinions of Gear box and electrical drive due to stress produced because of high discharge pressure.
          4- It can affect seats of control valves in the discharge line.

          * In my view it is good to take a look on data sheet of pump and accessories and check whether the pump operation on other services is recommended or not. In addition to this, take advise from the pump “OEM” in this regard in order to avoid any accident and damage of equipment.

          Syed Salman.

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            Dear Salam,
            Apart from temperature and power problems, as mechanical point of view max. discharge pressure of pump may exceed MAWP of pump.

            Best Regards,

            Mark Brouwer
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              Dear Salam,
              Would you please let me know for what reason you are going to test H.P ammonia pump with BFW(condensate) water?
              I think that your condensate water should be maximum 95-98 degree c.
              Kind regards

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                Dear سلام

                If you are starting the pump with water (BFW) than the discharge pressure will be very high, because specific gravity of water is 1 and specific graviti of ammonia is .6
                @ Pdis.:((N1/N2)^3)*L*(SPEC.GRAVITY1/SPEC.GRAViTY2)
                N1:SPEED WITHOUT LOAD
                N2:SPEED WITH LOAD

                Best Regards
                Saadat Motamedi

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                  Apparently there does not seem any issue apart from the fact that the specific gravity of the BFW is 1.0 and for liquid Ammonia it is 0.6. So just evaluate power requirements accordingly and see if pump motor is adequate to provide required amount of power.

                  Mark Brouwer
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                    dear all

                    1- we want test HP NH3 pump(Reciprocating) on water(B.F.W) by the connecting between discharge urea solution pump & section NH3 pump .What is your opinion?

                    2-Are there any risk to the HP NH3 pump?

                    best regards

                    salam .m. malih

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