Stamicarbon CO2 stripper issues at high rates

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    Mark Brouwer
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      What you describe indeed looks like stripper flooding. Although it is not necessary that in case of flooding the ferrules overflow. It is also possible that the liquid level at the ferrules becomes so high that so much liquid enters the liquid holes that flooding starts in the stripper tubes.
      Flooding of the stripper tube is a combination of gas and liquid volumetric flows.
      With a higher synthesis pressure the density of the gas will increase somewhat and the flooding limit theoretically would increase.
      If this is visible in an actual plant is not clear to me.

      What is your observation ?
      What is the flooding limit at a higher synthesis pressure ?

      Further how many tubes you have in operation in the stripper ?
      What is the material of construction and age of the stripper ?


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        Dear all,

        We are currently having issues with stripper at high synthesis rate. This is seen when synthesis rate is above 1700tpd, nameplate before upgrades was 1200. The issue is seen when reactor level valve is opened more than 80% and psi is below about 2090psi. When this happens, steam flow to stripper suddenly falls 3-4kpph+/- and stays there, reactor level does not decrease, stripper outlet temp rises sharply and quickly from 344F to 350F, L.P. recirculation stage sees an increase in temp and psi. This only happens when over 1700tpd and psi is below about 2090psi or reactor level valve is more than 80% open. Some people suggest the stripper is flooding, meaning liquid entering through top of stripper tubes. Why does an increase in synthesis psi seem to help keep this from happening? Also, steam to stripper is about 112+/-kpph at 290psi with 30% level in H.P. steam saturator. Your thoughts and expertise are most appreciated.

      Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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