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      Currently Working as a Lead Ammonia / Urea Process Engineer with Engro Fertilizers Ltd Pakistan. I have always been appreciated for my strong creative and innovative capabilities and highlighted as a valuable team player.


       Conceptualization and development of Process Design Packages from basic engineering to detail design for energy conservation, reliability and quality driven projects.
       Development of PFDs, P&IDs, Energy and Material balances.
       Develop operating strategy for new processes & Review existing operating procedures in the light of Dupont safe operation guidelines
       Develop steady state & dynamic models for operator training, trouble shooting & controller tuning etc.
       Provide assistance in commissioning of newly installed systems as a lead process / commissioning engineer.
       Coordination between production, maintenance, machinery, and instrument interfaces during day to day activities.
       Provide assistance in plant start-up and shutdown activities
       Review of design specifications from engineering contractors for various balancing, modernization & revamping projects.
       Collating & coordinating with engineering contractors for basic & detailed engineering.
       Troubleshoot complex issues using structured RCA techniques and analytical skills. Six Sigma yellow belt trained
       Plant monitoring and assisting Operations group in trouble shooting routine plant issues.


      Working with Engro Fertilizers Ltd. Pakistan, since July ‘05. Engro Fertilizers Ltd. Pakistan (Formerly EXXON Chemical Pakistan Ltd.) is operating Ammonia – Urea Complex in Daharki, an NPK Fertilizer unit in Karachi, a PVC resin manufacturing plant in a JV with Asahi-Japan. As part of its diversification plans Engro is planning to set up a combined cycle Power Plant as well as an LPG processing facility. Engro is operating on DuPont Safety systems& is ISO 9000, ISO 14000 certified

      Engro has successfully commissioned new Ammonia-Urea Complex with world’s highest single train capacity of 3835 MTPD.

      Current Assignments:
       Commission of 340 MeT/day CO2 recovery plant (MHI Japan Amines based low pressure CO2 recovery process) in the role of lead process & commissioning Engineer
       CO2 recovery Plant / Urea plant optimization to maximize company profit profile
       Contact Process Engineer for all three Urea Plants (ICI total Recycle-C Process, TOYO CO2 stripping Process, Snam Progetti NH3 stripping process), CO2 recovery plant & Ammonia plant.
       Integration of existing Ammonia / Urea plant CO2 gas pipeline with newly commissioned Ammonia / Urea complex.
       Conduct Ammonia / Urea plant TMP (Technical monitoring plan) to identify inefficiencies in plant operation & to identify margins in plant design and issue its report.
       Feasibility study for recovery of methane & Hydrogen from Urea plant vent gases (has a potential of around US$ 41,000. Annual savings with an initial investment of US$ 23,000. only)
       Reduction of Urea plant effluents to zero by recycling effluent streams back to process, currently Urea plant contributes around 60 m3/hr of Non. NEQS compliant effluent that is then pumped to evaporation ponds and pollutes underground water bed

      Projects undertaken:
       Successful commissioning of Urea 3835 MeT/d capacity Urea plant (Snam Progetti technology) in capacity of lead commissioning / process engineer.
       Successful commission of 340 MeT/d capacity plant for CO2 recovery from ammonia furnace flue gases (MHI Japan Amines based low pressure CO2 recovery process) in the role of lead process & commissioning Engineer. Commissioning was done in the absence of Vendor upon self initiative, currently it is running at its 110% of design load. Also assisted in conducting successful Guarantee performance test for this unit.
       Successful commissioning of Instrument Air plant as lead process interface for newly commissioned Ammonia / Urea complex
       Successful commissioning of gaseous N2 plant as lead process interface (LINDE cryogenic process plant), its troubleshooting & optimization & daily monitoring afterwards.
       Developed online KPIs for newly commissioned Ammonia Urea & CO2 recovery plant using simulation (Dynamic HYSYS) and regression softwares to assist in locating optimum operating point.
       Developed dynamic model for multistage centrifugal compressor for CO2 gas to verify actual surge line vs design. It was also used by Operation department to train operators to understand antisurge loop control & CO2 compressor behavior.
       Evaluated, designed & successfully implemented multi-fuel operating system for Primary reformer furnace of Ammonia plant (2208 MeT/d). It included burner evaluation w.r.t. heat liberation, heat & material balance, PSV, control valve sizing for additional fuel stream, & development of HYSYS model for primary reformer to evaluate effect of proposed modification on furnace operating parameters.
       Developed dynamic simulation for Urea plant control valves to predict actual flow through them using dynamic HYSYS and used in material & steam balance.
       Controller tuning using dynamic modeling.
       Training of junior process operation engineers for CO2 recovery / Urea / N2 / Instrument Air plant
       Low pressure steam integration of Ammonia / Urea plant which resulted annual saving of around US$ 700,000.
       Maintaining personal web site: where I, along with my two friends, have developed engineering softwares and shared free and maintained an engineering forum is for guidance of graduate & discussion with professional engineers.
      HSE Responsibilities:
       Conduct weekly Management Safety audit of the operating area
       Conduct Pre-Startup Safety reviews of the newly installed facilities
       Conduct Process Hazard Analysis of the installed facilities before it is handed over to Operation department to ensure that designed process is free of inherent safety hazards
       Conducted weekly safety talk for one year of Technical Process Engineering department, where I had to develop plans to increase safety awareness, communicate safety hazards to relevant authorities and then follow up the closure of these issues.

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