Reactor Cool down

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      Dear Channing,
      In Saipem Process , following sequence of the HP loop hand over schedule
      1. Plant Feed Cut. Pressure come down 158 to 145-150 kg/cm2 and Temp 150-160 deg Cent
      2. HP loop depressurisation at the rate of 30 kg/cm2/Hr, Time taken 5 hrs, pressure about 3.0 kg/cm2, Temp-120-125 deg C
      3. Introduced LS for 3 hrs Pressure -0.0 kg/cm2 Temp-100-105 deg C, alternate nut bolt open of Reactor top and other vessel
      4 Introduced H.W. time filling 3-4 hrs and overflowing 2 hrs with hot water and 1 hrs for mixing the cold water and last 2 hrs overflowing with 2 hrs and temperature come down to 40 deg C.
      5 Now Hand over to Mech maint for opening the M.H cover ofReactor, Stripper, HP carbamate condenser as per your requirements
      time-10 hrs
      6. .Now introduced service air from bottom parts of reactor and out from Carb sep as per attached diagram.time 3hrs
      7 . Take sample of air for Oxygen and Ammonia, The Oxygen must be more than 20 % and ammonia must be less than less than 25 ppm
      8 If sample ok Then man entry permitted with Vessel entry safety work permit class -1.
      9. So total time for man-entry is- from feed cut= 5+3+9+10+3=30 Hrs, or less than 30 you can hand over the whole HP loop in 30 hrs for man entry.

      Prem Baboo


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        Dear all,

        I am wanting to know the methods you use to cool down your reactor for personnel to enter. Currently we pull the head off our reactor and then blow CO2 through it until the temperature reaches 135 degrees Fahrenheit. This takes us about 40 hours to do. Has anyone had success cooling down the reactor faster?

        Stamicarbon CO2 Stripping plant
        1700 tpd synthesis
        Reactor, conventional condensor, scrubber, stripper

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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