Radiometric Belt weight measurement of final product

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      Dear Mr. Norozi,
      Congratulations!! It is significant step in increasing the accuracy in measuring the production rate as well as N/C ratio measurement. These tools eliminate the relevant maintenances and energy consumption while increasing accuracy which are very big advantages.
      Apart from the above advantages, there are important questions as below:
      – What is the amount of radiation caused by these radioactive sources? Are they measured continuously?
      – What is the half-life of the source? And does it affect the accuracy of the measurement over time?

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        Advantages of the new Radiometric Belt weight measurement of any final product like urea :
        *very accurate against mechanical current device.
        *Easy installation
        *No any contact with the product
        *Removal of all mechanical connections and belt mechanical stress and tension
        *Without any maintenance
        Very low price,
        you can contact with us through an email for any question and clarification:

        Mark Brouwer
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            Do you Know that we can measure the plant load more accurately and online with new technology?
            Measuring range is between 1 ton/h and 300 ton/h.

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