Preservation of steam piping network for long shutdown

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    Mark Brouwer
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      you can keep the lines packed with N2 or air but both should moisture free.

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        Dear Mr. Hanafiah, thank you very much for your in time reply. I just wanted to ask weather putting instrument air in steam line for their preservation is a standard practice or not? If yes! can you please share any reference for this practice? As in order to put this thing in practice I need some reference / document to justify it in front of higher management.

        Thanks & regards,
        Muhammad Imran

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          Dear Imran.

          As our experience for 2 years shutdown coz of 101-C tube failure; we just put our steam piping with Instrument air and open the drain at inlet steam turbine, or drain casing , no need nitrogen. analize dew point weekly. during statup after 2 years hutdown nothing happens.


          Mohammad Hanafi

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            Can any body share what are the best practices to preserve a steam network (especially turbine inlet piping) when plant is down for more than one month against prevention from corrosion.
            Can it be kept under positive pressure of Nitrogen. If yes, is there any negative impact of preserving steam lines with nitrogen for a long time? For how long can we preserve steam piping with Nitrogen without having any negative impact. some experts have the opinion that preservation with Nitrogen causes chipping of metal from inside piping that can cause damage to turbine blades.
            Thanks in advance

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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