MOC Vent piping and Drain Pot

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      We also had CS piping for close drain system at our TOYO licensed Urea plant. It is obviously done to save cost. We replaced that piping with SS-304 four years back. So far no problem has been faced.

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        the best material to upgrade in this case is to use SS 316 urea grade

        Mark Brouwer
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          Dear Amrit,
          This is correct, if plant is constructed on LSTK basis, then this could be one possibilities. as Mr. Girish rightly mention,But normally in LSTK concept contractor play on design and sizing of equipments which latter create difficulities for capacity enhancement.
          But in your case I think this could be review mistake from your end. There is no scope of CS in urea service.

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            If your plant had been constructed on LSTK basis, then this is the most likely place where the contractor would like to save the money. CS is not the material for Urea & carbamate vent/drain piping. You may upgrade to SS-304L.


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              In our Toyo Urea plant, the vent system is made with carbon steel materials. The drain pot is also constructed with carbon steel materials. We have suffered corrosion on piping and the bottom of the pot.

              1. Is this carbon steel material of construction normal in TEC plants?
              2. What upgrades or piping section upgrades are you aware of for the standard design in similar TEC plants?

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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