HP carbamate pumps seal water and HP NH3 pump seal oil

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      Dear Girish
      would please share BFW flow requirement and temperature. we have URACA make ammonia pumps.


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        Dear Friend,

        Water sealing on ammonia pump is now a standard feature. It has plus points in form of completely stopping the expensive lube oil consuption and problem of occasional oil carryover in the process leading to faulty LG indications in MP absorber. Sometimes even product quality may be affected due to this. whereas the negative aspect is slight increase in waste water section load due to additional ammonical condensate from the plungers. Periodic tightening of plunger packing plays an important role in keeping ammonia content in outlet condensate under limit. Only steam condensate / BFW should be used for plunger flushing.


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          dear all!,

          It needs to be discussed case by case as there are question with carbamate pump sealing as well ammonia pump oil sealing

          HP ammonia pump:

          1-many pumps vendor are using water seal system for their ammonia pump(pd). why it will cause corrosion? whether it is due to quality of water or something else needs to be explained ?

          2- ammonia pump oil seal can be changed to water seal system and is economical and ammonia can be recovered i would also ask mr Mahmoud to share the information/experience at ist. However we don’t face any ammonia waistage/oil contamination.

          HP carbamate pump:

          it will be use full if drawing of sealing mechanism is shared in attachment.
          Sealing from pd pump on discharge line may be to counter change of discharge pressure as centrifugal pump cannot meet pressure requirement as system is with pd Uraca. pump whereas centrifugal pump is only to counter carbamate leakage from plunger sealing and pressure requirement is less as it is only seal leak.


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            Dear All

            I also want to change HP ammonia pumps plunger sealing with water instead of existing seal oil due to following reasons.

            1- Seal oil recovery system is large i.e Three oil tanks, one centrifuge, pump, 02 seal oil return lines and one supply line.
            2- Ammonia looses recovery from seal oil is difficult. ammonia is being vented locally.
            3- Land contamination by oil as drained from vessels during plant shut downs and vessel handover is difficult.
            4- Heat Exchangers poor performance due to oil contamination.

            Is there any body wants to share the problems with sealing water or any available literature.
            what is cost effective way, oil or water.

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              I would like to know if anyone knows the reason why for a URACA HP carbamate pump (PD) we would require 2 seal water injection points for the plungers. One nearest to the plunger which is supplied by a centrifugal pump and another injection point nearest to the discharge where the seal water is injected by an attached injection pump (PD). Why can’t we just use the seal water from the PD injection pump? why add another injection point supplied by a centrifugal pump?

              As for NH3 pump plunger seal oil, we are unable to use water is it because it will cause corrosion problem to the discharge pipings?

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