High Pressure steam safety valve – flange connection ?

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      Dear Emmanuel,
      generally, flange design is common for steam drum protection.
      Flange design according to ISO 1092-1 with DIN flange design or ASME B16.5 with ASME flange design are used.
      According ASME B16.5 a pressure/temperature limit per flange material is specified.
      With the service condition at relieving event (safety valve vents) you can identify with your currently used material which pressure class you have to follow. Mostly carbon steel are used for protecting steam application. In ASME B16.5 this is the material group 1.1.
      Additionally it has to be said the bigger the safety valve size the lower is the maximum possible pressure.

      Conclusion: Check the current service condition and check the ASME B16.5 to get the approved pressure class.

      Best regards

      Emmanuel Ogoh
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        We are contemplating changing a fixed relief valve on a steam drum( operating pressure 102Kg/sq cm)in Ammonia plant to a flanged type due to difficulty in the maintenance of the fixed type. Do you think this is good way to go, considering the issue of flange failure?


        Emmanuel OGOH.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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