High dust formation in urea finishing technology

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    Muhammad Kashif Naseem
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      Bucket speed 190-200 RPM
      0ne million Nm3/h
      solution temp 136.5C @99.7% conc.
      Avg size 1.7mm

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        Tell me few parametrs
        1.speed of bucket?
        2.draft of air?
        3.sol temp before prilling?
        4.avg prill size???

        Muhammad Kashif Naseem
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          Thanks gentlemen.

          Our concern is prill strength improvement without UF85 and lower dust formation?

          if any information and expertise please share.

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            Dear nasseemce
            In priiling tower the following item can increase the dust formation:
            1) the ammount of water content in the product. Higher water leads higher dust.
            2) the temprature of the product. Higher temp leads higher dust.
            3) speed of bucket in the top of prilling tower. Higher speed leads higher dust.
            4) the amount of Uf injected to urea melt solution. Lower UF injection leads higher dust.
            5) the high temprature diffrent between the storage temp. And product temp. Higher delta T leads more dust.
            6) the malfunctioning of the fluidized bed cooler.
            7) the hight of the pile of urea inside the storage.
            With best regard
            Persian ammoniaurea.ir web site foundr

            Mark Brouwer
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              Waterleau (https://www.waterleau.com/en) can supply scrubbers with and without acid washing.
              To reduce ammonia emissions one needs an acid washing section.
              Performance figures depend on the design, note that the lower the required emission figures the more pressure drop (energy) will be required.

              Muhammad Kashif Naseem
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                is Waterloo company scrubbing system is without acid scrubbing to scrub ammonia and urea dust?
                What are there grantee figures?

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                  The main reasons for high Dust formation in Granulator are:
                  1- Lower concentration Urea melt solution injected.
                  2- Lower Urea formaldehyde (UF) concentration in Urea melt solution.
                  3- Lower temperature inside the Granulator.
                  4- Lower Residence time of granules inside the Granulator.

                  Concerning scrubbing technologies, Waterleau company has a lot of innovative technologies to decrease emissions of Dust and NH3 from the stack.

                  Best regards
                  Mohamed Tarek

                  Muhammad Kashif Naseem
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                    We are facing high dust formation issue in urea prilling and granulation technology.
                    What are the major factors causing dust generation?
                    What are the dust limits in mg/ton urea in garnulation and prilling urea products?
                    How it could be reduced without acid scrubbing and ESP technologies ?
                    Name of companies providing innovative scrubbing technologies to bring dust <10 ppm and ammonia <20 ppm without acid and ESP?

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