H2SO4 injection in urea melt

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      The reaction is highly exothermic (US Patent # 4445925 & 4310343). Some vapour formation might have occurred.

      Mark Brouwer
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        Dear Le !

        Interesting experiment you are doing !

        How much sulphuric acid you did inject ?

        You want to reduce ammonia emission from the prill tower ?
        Or you want to produce urea/AS product ?

        I would expect formation of ammonium sulphate, which is able to dissolve in a urea melt until a certain percentage. I guess the density increases when injecting H2SO4 which should lead to a higher current at the same flow rate. But maybe gasformation occurs…

        Did the flow decrease when you injected H2SO4 ?
        Did temperatures change ?

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          dear inban ,
          can you tell us for what reason 98% H2SO4 has been injected to urea melt?What are expected benefits? pl describe detail of your experiment.

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            Dear all!
            Today i inject H2SO4 98% into urea melt solution to prilling top, injection point is suction of urea melt pump, but the problem is the current and discharge pressure of the pump decrease gradually when acid flowrate increasing gradually, what happen with the melt pump? does it cavitate? do you have experience about this?
            Thank all!

          Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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