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      If only weld of inner layer is in Inconel , how come that? You are talking about repair or all welds between Cr-Mo shell parts are welded with Inconel?

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        Dear Posma
        Its not clear, if you have internal layer from Inconel then repairs should be made in Inconel too
        I personally never hear about internal wall to be made in Inconel. Are you sure about?
        Best regards

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          Do not grind do not reweld.. I will suggest Power brush and do UT if possible.

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            Dear All,

            We are going to replace the basket and catalyst of our NH3 Converter designed by Topsoe in the near future after 25 years in operation. The vessel is a multilayer with the inner layer ( thickness = 14.9 mm ), material 1.25 Cr-0.5 Mo where the weld joints using inconnel as the deposit. After removing the old basket, we plan to inspect the entire weld joints inside the vessel. Some issues are to be concerned in our site before the execution are :
            1. What is the best inspection method to be used for the dissimilar welds of the inner layer ?
            2. Disbonding, the failure of dissimilar weld joints material. That kind of weld joints we have in this vessel, at the inner layer between the Cr-Mo and
            inconnel. Any of you have the experience with that kind of defects in your ammonia converter, pls advise.
            3. Once we touch the weld joint to perform any repair, therefore we have to do PWHT, any of you had ever performed it inside after repairing this kind of
            multilayer vessel?
            4. To prevent the same failure due to DISBONDING, pls advise me, is it necessary to change the weld deposit with the similar material or one grade above
            for that weld of inner shell which found to be repaired during the inspection ?

            Thanks you so much in advance and all your comments would be highly appreciated.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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