Difference between ammonium carbamate and ammonium carbonate solution?

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        The Ammonium carbamate is the rich solution having Ammonia & CO2 are more while carbonate solution is less. The technical difference the carbamate is amide group( NH2) while Carbonate is carbonate Group(H2CO3).

        Mark Brouwer
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          There are different kind of NH3-CO2 compounds all depending on the relative concentrations of NH3, CO2 and H2O
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          Aftab Adeel
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            Dear people,

            I have been training at urea plant, trying to learn the Saipem process, and there is one thing that has been confusing me a lot.

            The difference between carbonate and carbamate solution, as per my knowledge, carbonate solution is something which should have less ammonia concentration and more carbonates but here we have a Carbonate Solution Accumulator (V-05) which has almost 33% of ammonia, and of course, ammonia solution from C-1 is also recovered here through HV-17 control valve (operated occasionally to control C-1 level) but the concepts are very different here. Is there a research paper/topic/discussion on the NH3-H2O-CO2 equilibrium in carbonate and carbamate solution? What are their differences and how their properties are different?

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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