Desorbtion section control philosophy

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    Mohammad Farooq
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      hi every one,

      although all the key points had been highlighted by rm mohammadian, however i would like to add following
      Desorber section performance is always dependent of ammonia waste water tank composition , it is very important to control ammonia and urea %age in this tank by effective operation of concentration section . any abrupt change at concentrator can lead to a change in concentration of waste water tank and thus lead to upset desorber and hydrolizer operating condition. .
      secondly temp of both temp needs to be strictly controlled with moniteering on conductivity . steam flow should be adjusted timely if temp are going down than the desired range.
      best regards .

      Mark Brouwer
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        Under normal plant conditions and for small changes if you want to change desorption feed and steam/feed ratio is in operation(in cascade mode) then you can slowly increase the desorption feed and the loop itself will adjust the steam requirement but be aware that ammonia and CO2 composition should be constant in ammonia water tank and if there is any change in the composition you have to find new ratio in constant feed flow(by manual adjustment) and again put the feed/ratio loop in auto and cascade mode.It is also important to have constant condition in Hydrolizer.(its pressure, level and steam flow should be on auto mode)

        If the feed ratio is not in operation then if you increase desorption feed you have to adjust the steam requirement manually to have the outlet quality in the specified range.

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          Hi everyone,

          What is the best way to run the desorbtion section in a Stamicarbon CO2 stripping plant? When increasing your desorbtion flow it also increases your steam input to the second desorber. Do you let this happen in automatic or do you manually control the valve allowing steam to the second desorber, if so, why? All other information for controlling the desorbtion section would also be helpful.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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