Ammonia convertor effluent waste heat boiler

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      Hi Norozi,
      Hope you are doing well.
      Regarding your subject , positive N2 pressure inside reactor should be enough to keep your replacing of exchanger safe.
      As our colegue said it might be necessary to reduce N2 pressure during first pass welding
      Best Regards

      Mark Brouwer
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        If the convertor is live and under N2 pressure 1~2 barg , the cutting can be done however the catalyst is in reduced form, and cutting of N2 can oxidize it and catalyst will detriot . Therefore very difficult activity in live plant.

        if any one have good experience can share the methodology.

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          Dear Mr.Norozi

          We have two experiences about that.1-in our unit we open manhole of convertor and check the internal of that.2-we cut the pipe outlet of convertor(in other word the inlet effluent wast heat boiler)because that had crack and leakage..
          in both of them the convertor was under nitrogen pressure.when we wanted welding we had to close nitrogen pressure.


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            Dear Friends
            I hope you doing well. We are going to change the ammonia convertor effluent wast heat boiler in ammonia plant ( kelloge licensor ) with a new one because of failure in the tube and tube sheet. This boiler is connected directly to the ammonia convertor without any equipments like valves and etc. Now we must cut the lines and remove the old boiler and install a new one but we afraid of oxygen influence to the reactor . Who has an experience in this category. It will be appreciated in advance for your kindly advice.
            with best regard

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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