316L UG SS thermocouples lathe works fitting

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      Thank you very much! I appreciate your clues.

      Mark Brouwer
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        There are two aspects to consider.

        The use of a carbide as a cutting tool is normal practice, the cutting tool is hard and that means that no impressions at the 316L will remain and when it was a clean tool there is absolutely no reason to believe that the tool has contaminated the 316L.

        Another issue that might influence the corrosion resistance is cold deformation; when one has used not correct parameters and heavy cold deformation took place will this have a negative effect on the long term with respect to the corrosion resistance. I assume that when machining one has followed the machining recommendations for austenite steels. So far I do not recall any negative experiences.

        Pickling of the surface is okay to clean for any oil contamination when cutting. Other measures are not recommended to take.

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          Dear All,

          Lastly we have bought new thermocouples. The thermocouples purchased did not match the sockets for synthesis. In order to match, we decided to do the lathe works. The thermocouples are made of 316L UG stainless steel, while the lathe tool is made of carbide as standard. Can such treatment cause accelerated corrosion in synthesis? Does lathe work can affect the properties of 316L UG stainless steel? What are your experiences or knowledge in this area? Do you advice to use 10% HNO3 bath for thermocouples, i.e. for 24H after lathe work?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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