Flying in a HP scrubber

Flying in a HP-Scrubber of 62 tons is not exactly the first option that crosses your mind. When SABIC/Safco decided to order a new SAFUREX HP-Scrubber, with a capacity of 2000 MTPD, to replace the existing one in operation. SABIC wanted to limit the downtime during replacement to a bare minimum. Therefore the possibility to ship the scrubber by air was  investigated. Normally transport by boat is the first choice. However the transport time was about 2 months, and the exact date of delivery can not always be guaranteed. By air transport only takes a couple of days. However transporting a SAFUREX HP-Scrubber of 62 ton by air is not an easy operation. Based upon their experience, Panalpina was chosen as the transport company by SABIC/Safco. Panalpina booked an Antonov AN 124 to clear the job. A special 7 ton skid was constructed by Schoeler Bleckman Nitec GmbH, to evenly distribute the weight over the aircraft and to make sure that during the flight no gliding or undesired movements would occur. The Skid was designed to withstand 4G forces. On May 1st the HP-scrubber was transported by a 24 wheels heavy load carrier from Ternitz to Linz, Blue Danube Airport in Austria. The 2nd of May the Scrubber was loaded to the Antonov and two days later the SAFUREX HP-Scrubber arrived at Safco-2 in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia. At the completion of this article the new SAFUREX HP-Scrubber had already been installed.Just in time delivery as we may say so in transport terminology. A successful operation.

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