October 2022: Fire hits the cooling tower of a fertilizer company

A fire reached a cooling tower of the fertilizer company. There were no injuries. The fire was brought under control by the Fire Department and a company team.

The fire started at around 6:15 pm (early October 2022), in the Industrial District. According to the Fire Department, five vehicles and 14 professionals went to the location to put out the flames, which reached metal structures for cooling fans in unit 3 in the company’s yard. In total, around 600m² were destroyed.

A Civil Defense team monitored the area to ensure the safety of the nearby community, in the neighborhood. According to the agency, there was no need to remove residents from the houses.

The company stated that the fire was controlled in 30 minutes, however, the occurrence of the Fire Department was closed only at 20:30. There is no information about the cause of the fire.

Still according to the company, the fire did not reach any place of storage, production or mixture of fertilizers. “After evaluating all the security measures, the operation was resumed”, said the company, through a note.

These events do happen more often.

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