22 Nov 2022: Fire breaks out in NH3 Plant

Nov 22, 2022: A fire originated in the factory on Tuesday Nov 22, 2022. The fire broke out at the waste boiler of the primary reformer at about 8:55am on the day, said company deputy manager (security). ‘Two company fire trucks brought the flame under control at about 9:30am,’ he said. ‘Production at the factory was suspended after the fire incident.’ ‘The cause and damage because of the fire could be known after investigation. The boiler was severely burnt,’ he said, adding that the company authorities formed a four-member committee to investigate the incident. The fertiliser company produces 1,000 tonnes of ammonia and 1,200 tonnes of urea per day. Earlier in July 2022, the authorities suspended production due to shortage of gas.

Another version of above event: The fire broke out in the reformer pipe of the ammonia plant at the factory’s southern end around 9:30am, confirmed company employee. “The fire was caused following a mechanical glitch”

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