Iffco Aonla Inspection and Maintenance

This paper discusses in detail the Inspection and Maintenance practices of Iffco Aonla Snamprogetti plant in India. It covers both the ammonia as well as the urea plant.

This article deals with various aspects of Inspection & Maintenance practices being followed at IFFCO Aonla since inception. An effort has been made to give a glimpse of Inspection & Condition monitoring techniques being practiced. Discussions about On-line & Off-line inspection & condition monitoring methods along with their advantages have been covered. Few
unconventional inspection & condition monitoring techniques have also been highlighted in the paper along with their scope of application in a modern fertiliser plant. Case studies about Primary Reformer tubes temp. monitoring, Secondary Reformer failure and its Inspection & Repair, Cracking in HT/LT Shift Converters outlet nozzle, Leak detection of BFW Preheaters by SPM, Inspection & Maintenance of GV Towers & case studies about two rotary equipment having High vibration problem due to resonance in MP Carbonate pump & due to Magnetism in Syn.Gas Compressor have also been included in the article. Inspection & maintenance practices discussed in the article & utilised in the case studies have
contributed directly or indirectly in enhancing the equipment life, avoiding catastrophic breakdowns, reducing down time leading to higher productivity & profits. Contents of the article may prove useful to all concerned.


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